Ollie the Owl

Ollie the Owl

Are you looking for a great illustrated bedtime story book for kids?

Then “Ollie the Owl” is the right illustrated children’s book choice for you.

This illustrated kid’s book is about a little owl that is all by itself and feels lonely. Ollie never ever has seen a bird like himself. Could it really be that he is the only owl in the World? Where are all the others? One day Ollie, determined to change his life, sets out to find out if there are others just like him…

Available on Amazon as Paperback and E-book.

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What readers have said about “Ollie the Owl”:

“This is a delightful book for young children. The story is very appealing, and the illustrations are darn cute. What a fine debut for this author!”

“Not only are his illustrations dream like and beautifully executed, but also his writing style is very strong, making this one of those children’s book adults will enjoy reading also.”

Great short story for children. Love the art work.

“This book would delight any young child as they follow the adventures of a charming little owl in search of his family.”

“It’s a perfect bedtime story.